Seo Copywriting tips 2018-19

Do not keyword stuff do not word stuff, do not repeated the same thing over and over

We Want to have as much optimization as possible while writing naturally.

The basic.

1- have a title that contains the keyword
2- have and h1 Title that sis relevant to the keyword
3-have multiple sub title H2 That are relevant to keyword (can contain the keyword)

And now for the content.
Thinking like a robot picking Out the important Words.

 Robot eliminate common words such as the""he""she" "that", "a", etc.
 the common words into the language will be ignored when determine the relevance of the article.

Human Sentence : The dog ate a bone

Robot Sentence : Dog ate bone

Robot Analysis dog, dogs canines, eating, ate, food bone, bones,

Tyr: "dog ate bone" vs. "canine ate bone" in  Google Search : Nearly identical result.

. Robots search for the theme words when determine relevance 

Robots search for group of uncommon word frequently used together to determine relevance.

This is called a positive "footprint"

Human Sentence: When the dog ate a bone in front of the other dogs in the kennel the alpha dog of the group growled. His master blew the dog whistle.

these are all uncommon words used together to from relevance on the topic of dogs.

Step1: Define the outline by seeing what's already ranking.

. Research phase

1. Search your keyword, see what the topics that the top 10 result are discussing and note their sub headline.
2. Find the related Wikipedia article and note the major categories being discussed.

3. Use Google adwords keyword planner tool for related "ideas"

4. look at the related suggestion from Google.


Simple outline for the keyword: "fishing pole"
1.beginner fishing rods
  1. All around rods for common fish
  2. River fishing rods.
2. Design of the pole
3. power of the pole
4. carbon and action
5. Fly Rods
6. Lures to use
7. Poles for different fishes
8. Fishing pole Recommendation

SETP 2 : Writing the first draft.

 Writing for seo basic:
- The start of the content should content keyword a heavy amount of words related to your main keyword (
think about the positive footprint and try to implement then in a natural way)
- The exact keyword acn be used once somewhere in the first paragraph as well as long as it's a natural group of word.
- After the first paragraph , you can be much more lenient and write about the subject(if you follow the outline you created you'll be just fine)

STEP3: Revision#1 - Working Relevance

The first revision should check the following:
(Keep in mind that Google is a robot and looks for the important words) 
1. Are the sub-headlines(h2)relevant to the keyword?
2. Does the first paragraph contain he keyword or very close variation of the keyword?
3. Are you using a heavy amount of related terms inn hte first paragraph?
4. Does the overall text contain a lot of them specific words?(Words that wouldn't be used for any other subject. ie: dog whistle)
5.Did you follow the outline you put forward?

The second revision should concentrate on answering the query.

Google algorithm has evolved to look for answer to queries and pages that answers the queries will rank higher than those that don't.

ie:  If the query is: "What is the best pouting in Montreal?"

Google Will reward pages with potential answers such as:
"the best poutine in Montreal is.."
"my favorite poutine is..."
"the best poutine..."

Insert the answer to the query within the body's content.

Keyword: How to  get back with your ex
Answer: To get back with your Ex..

Keyword: Vancouver real estate
Answer: "Here is some of Vancouver's finest real estate"

Keyword: "The best phone in 2018"
Answer: "The best phone of 2018 is..." or "Our Favorite phone is.."

Keyword: "fishing pole"
Answer: " a fishing pole is." " fishing pole aroused for..."

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