Begin Gaining Visibility by Submitting Articles to Directories

Articles constitute a major segment of the online content scenario. Webmasters and SEO experts regularly submit articles to directories besides putting them up on the websites. In fact, most websites do not house the articles directly. The backlinking from the articles lead visitors and search engines alike to your website. However, there are certain golden guidelines of achieving great results from articles submission to directories. These include developing top quality original content, maintaining consistency in submissions, and practicing balanced moderation. Whenever you are hiring an article writing and submission service, always verify these three key aspects. 

Quality Content in Quality Directories 

There are literally hundreds of article directories. While it seems plausible to submit pieces to all of them and create a buzz in your niche, in reality it is not a good idea. However, before thinking of submission, ensure quality development as a priority. See that the writing service offers you pieces that shine with a smart brilliance. The articles must flow well and create a highly engaging read. It must have an attractive title, and an encouraging resource box. Ask for niche samples to confirm the quality of the service. Also, ensure that the service maintains an updated list of quality directories. See whether paid directory submission is available in the package. 

Practicing Balanced Moderation 

When you are submitting articles to multiple directories at once, Google would surely take notice in a few months. However, the attention can backfire. If you are too forceful to overtake the organic processes of the internet, there are high chances of Google marking you up as web-spam. So, look for services that submit your pieces in different directories maintaining a consistent rhythm in submission. Submitting two articles per week in five top directories can be more effective than submitting hundred pieces in hundred directories within a week. This system keeps things organic, and is good with the search engine giant.

Some Golden Rules

Observe a few golden rules of ensuring top quality content.  Keep the foundations strong with good grammar and sentence construction.  The online crowd can be quite critical of grammar errors. There are several highly efficient online programs for checking grammar quality. Enquire about their usage with the writing service. Also, make sure that the writing agency has its fingers on the pulse at the Google webmaster forum. The search engine is highly discreet about its algorithms updates. Keeping track of developments on the webmaster forum is important.

The core idea is to present improved results in response to an increasingly complicated list of search queries. As the internet is evolving, overall human intelligence and consciousness is also evolving like never before. The full implications of this latest update (released on Google’s birthday, 2013) are yet to settle, but still confirm its awareness. Ensure that you would be receiving information rich content written in an engaging flow. The niche reader must be able to connect immediately with the article. It should be able to contribute positively to the understanding of the topic.  

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