How To Find Out What WordPress Theme A Site Is Using

How to find out what wordpress theme a site is using especially when you are inspired by the design of a blog or website? Or if you want to find out whether or not the site you’re looking at runs on WordPress? For developers, they could easily achieve that by viewing source code but for non technical, there are considerable number of online tools you can leverage on. These tools are free and allow you to easily detect what wordpress theme or plugin a site is using.
  • OnePage LiteTheme
  • Schema LiteTheme
  • MusicalTheme
  • SociallyViral FreeTheme
  • GridBlogTheme
  • PointTheme
  • DualShockTheme
  • PlaybookTheme
  • PinboardTheme
  • RibbonTheme
  • PortalTheme
  • GreatTheme
  • GreenChilliTheme
  • DiaryTheme
  • JustBlueTheme
  • BloggieTheme
  • GroovyTheme
  • AccentBoxTheme
  • WP Real EstatePlugin
  • Content LockerPlugin
  • URL ShortenerPlugin
  • WP QuizPlugin
  • My WP TranslatePlugin
  • WP Notification BarsPlugin
  • My WP BackupPlugin
  • LauncherPlugin
  • WP Subscribe – Free WordPress PluginPlugin
  • MyThemeShop Theme & Plugin UpdaterPlugin
  • WP ReviewPlugin
  • WP Tab WidgetPlugin
  • WP ShortcodePlugin
  • Google Plus Badge WidgetPlugin

Premium Items

  • PurpleTheme
  • LawyerTheme
  • BlocksTheme
  • RisenTheme
  • ReactorTheme
  • MagnusTheme
  • SeekersTheme
  • CyprusTheme
  • CryptoTheme
  • LifestyleTheme
  • BridgeTheme
  • DividendTheme
  • NewsTodayTheme
  • CleanTheme
  • ViralTheme
  • BloggingBoxTheme
  • FeminineTheme
  • WriterTheme
  • SocialNowTheme
  • SensationalTheme
  • CouponTheme
  • WooShopTheme
  • BuildersTheme
  • MyBlogTheme
  • JustFitTheme
  • Ad-SenseTheme
  • SplashTheme
  • myPortfolioTheme
  • MagXPTheme
  • socialMeTheme
  • AuthorityTheme
  • HowToTheme
  • eCommerceTheme
  • PointProTheme
  • BloggingTheme
  • CoolTheme
  • InteractiveTheme
  • MoneyFlowTheme
  • WordXTheme
  • NewsPaperTheme
  • NewsOnlineTheme
  • EntrepreneurshipTheme
  • BusinessTheme
  • WooCartTheme
  • SteadyIncomeTheme
  • CorporateTheme
  • MagazineTheme
  • MobileAppTheme
  • VideoTheme
  • SalvationTheme
  • SchoolTheme
  • YosemiteTheme
  • ArchitectTheme
  • SociallyViralTheme
  • eMaxStoreTheme
  • PortfolioTheme
  • CleanAppTheme
  • BestTheme
  • AppThemeTheme
  • OnePageTheme
  • SchemaTheme
  • NewsTimesTheme
  • MonospaceTheme
  • ImmunityTheme
  • PinstagramTheme
  • ClockTheme
  • FrontPageTheme
  • ReposeTheme
  • GlamourTheme
  • ChronologyTheme
  • DigitalisTheme
  • SaturationTheme
  • MinimaliaTheme
  • HotNewsTheme
  • WildfireTheme
  • SplitTheme
  • FlickTheme
  • DayNightTheme
  • ThunderStruckTheme
  • SpikeTheme
  • PureviewTheme
  • StyleTheme
  • BookShelfTheme
  • EmeraldTheme
  • SimpletonTheme
  • NewsMagTheme
  • SoftPressTheme
  • AwakeTheme
  • VogueTheme
  • WoodieTheme
  • FashionBlogTheme
  • SwiftTheme
  • MonopolyTheme
  • AdorableTheme
  • InstinctTheme
  • GridBoxTheme
  • PixelMagTheme
  • DotMagTheme
  • FortuneTheme
  • ReportTheme
  • NominalTheme
  • TrendyTheme
  • BoxlineTheme
  • UrbanTheme
  • TexturedTheme
  • MetroTheme
  • MinimalistTheme
  • TopTheme
  • SimpleTheme
  • TruePixelTheme

When it comes to the need for how to find out what wordpress theme a site is using,  WHAT WORDPRESS THEME IS THAT is one of the most popular tool. It provides information that not only identifies the theme but also attempts to identify the author of the theme and plugins used.


Is another great tool that presents great deal of information and helps to find out what wordpress theme a site is using as well as the theme’s author and additional information like plugins used and Alexa rank of a website.
It also provides information about the changes that have taken place on a website, provided the website in question has been checked in the past by WPTD.

This is another powerful tool for finding out which theme and plugins currently being used in any WordPress site.

Is a simple and free online resource for finding out wordpress theme, hosting and plugin used

Very powerful tool provides a lot more detailed information about a website.  To includes: their web server, ssl certificate, hosting providers, content magement systems and lots more.

Points out that a custom theme has been used and identifies them by name.

This is another tool for your quest on what wp theme or plugin a site is using. Also goes extend to brings out other information like theme and plugin price, theme version and purchase direct link.

In conclusion, you can always find answers to how to find out what wordpress theme a site is using by leveraging on these tools. They are free and you do not need to set up an account to use the service. They can help to find great theme for your blog or website base on inspiration of other sites.
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