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The fastest way to get index and appear in SERP is through web submission. Possibly you can submit website free to Over 2,000 Search engines using tools. This does not only get your website or blog index but also increase your web presence and traffic. Its never been enough to just provide SEO programming and sit and hope the search engines finds you. You can’t afford that type of “wait-and-see” attitude. In today’s online marketing, you must be pro-active. It’s strongly advised that you have your information submitted to the search engines on a monthly basis.

Through research, i found that for the highest rate of success, search engine submissions should be updated on a monthly bases. Not all Search Engines will maintain your listing on their own. Here is a Quote that has been taken directly from Google’s web page.

Google Quote: “While we’re always working to include more Content in Google, sites can occasionally fall out of our search results. Our spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index, but keeping tabs on billions of pages is tough work, and we may miss a few.”

With keeping this in mind, its highly recommended you submit your web url at least once a month. A necessary step if you want to rank your website high on search engines.

Hint: Some search engines and directories may require your email conformation for submission. Enter an alternate email and check your inbox after submission. Submission may take several minutes. Be patient.

Submitx is a powerful tool for submitting website to search engine free. It require you to enter web url, email address, category of your website, country, province/state, city, name, site title, keyword and meta description.
With Submitx, you can submit website free to 774+ search engines.

Is one of the leading tool for submitting website. With Entireweb, you will be able to submit to
major search engines like: Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Excite, AOL. ,Altavista, etc at the blink of
an eye. Website or blog url and email address is required.

With Usertown, you can submit to over 400 search engines, major search engines inclusive. A web url and email is required.

4. Allsitecafe
Allsitecafe offer over 275+ free submission.

5. CleverSubmitter
Submit website free to 129+ search engines

6. Rankontoponline
With 140+ search engines and directories, Rankontoponline allow free url submission by entering your url and email.

7. Submitexpress
Another free website submission with over 70 search engines including Google.

8. Selbourne
Selbourne submit to over 50 search engines free

9. Free Web Submission
With your website url, name and email address, you can submit to over 50 search engines

10. Serfish
This is another tool for your free submission, 50+

11. Free-web-submission
Another tool of its kind, 40+ search engine submission for free

12. Submission url
Offer listing to 22+ search engines

13. Addme
One of the best service here. Addme enable you to submit website free to over 20 search engine

14. Global
Global is one of the best and free online Website submission programs. Submit to 50+ mega search engines

15. Pingmylink
Another tool on this list. Offer free submission to over 1000 sites and automatic ping them as well. This tool is good especially if you are just starting out with website submission.

Probably you might Want to do it yourself, click to follow link and manually submit
Leveraging on any of this tool for your website submission is a great way to start your SEO campaign and marketing for exposure to untapped potentials.
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